Polycom SoundStation



The Polycom SoundStation is the world’s fastest selling audio conferencing unit, and currently represents 80% of the world wide market share. The Polycom SoundStation Basic allows you to conduct meetings naturally, as if everyone were speaking in the same room together. Features:

  • Full duplex for natural two way conversations without “white noise” or distortion
  • Easy to use; plug into power outlet and standard analogue telephone jack
  • Three sensitive microphones for full 360° coverage
  • Mute facility
  • Mild echo suppression and cancellation and “automatic gain control” of microphone levels so low voice participants will be heard
  • RCA input/output connection for small tape recorder, for recording conference
  • No training required; unit works like a standard telephone
  • Ideal conferencing situation up to 8-10 participants

Polaris C1000



Audio conferencing is voice communication between three or more people from multiple locations and is the most widely used form of teleconferencing. It saves your business time and money, and also gives you access to people when you need them. ATS Telecomms is proud to be able to offer you the Polaris C1000 Wireless Audio Conference Unit. In an Australian first, the C1000 uses digital DECT technology to give crystal clear audio quality and full duplex functionality. Features:

  • 1.8GHz DECT secure digital range to about 50m

  • Full duplex speakerphone

  • 360 degree microphone pickup with 3 microphones

  • Patented DSP echo canceling technology

  • Out of range warning

  • Illuminated LCD display

  • Call elapse time display

  • Phonebook dialling

  • 5 ringer melodies

Telstra C200



ATS supplies a large range of conference phones. As teleconferencing has become a vital part of doing business,  we are offering the ever popular Telstra Access C200 Digital Full Duplex Conference Telephone.

The Access C200 Conferencing Phone has full duplex operation, echo cancellation, crystal clear sound, backlit display, optional remote control and an omni directional microphone for total room coverage.  An incredibly neat, versatile and high quality unit to suit any size business. 12 month warranty provided.                                                                                           *Conditions apply, while stocks last

If you would like one of our above models, like to order a different one in or are unsure which type of conferencing unit would be best for your business, please contact ATS on 1300 138 287 or email the ATS Sales team.

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