ATS Telecoms supplies a range of office phone system Sydney (handsets) for your small or medium size business including big brands such as Avaya and Hybrex. Features everything that it takes to facilitate business calls in bulk. Choose from new or refurbished office phone systems Sydney, according to your budget plus we can deliver and/or send the phones to you, and help you with installation and phone plans. Two major brands available at ATS Telecoms include:

Avaya Office Phone System Sydney

Office Phone Systems Sydney - Avaya & Hybrex
Avaya IP Office Handsets

ATS Telecoms have been providing and selling Avaya phone systems in Sydney since 2001. One of the major reasons Avaya phone systems in Sydney is so popular for small and medium sized businesses is the ability to remotely manage your IP Office solution. So this means ATS Telecoms can (almost always) assist you without ever having to be on-site which means your issues can be resolved much faster! Avaya VoIP is a market leader in quality and reliability and the phone systems are super easy to use.

Avaya Office Phone System Video 2016

Have a look at this video on Avaya VOIP Phone Systems to see how it can change how you work and why Avaya solutions are used by 95% of all Fortune 500 companies.

Hybrex Phone System Sydney

Hybrex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of business telephone systems. Hybrex products are distributed throughout the world, including the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

Office Phone Systems Sydney - Avaya & Hybrex
Hybrex IP Office Handsets

View our range of Hybrex IP Handsets
Hybrex DK6-21 / Hybrex DK6-31 / Hybrex DK6-33 / Hybrex DK3-21 / Hybrex DK7-21 / Hybrex DK9-25 / Hybrex DK2 / Hybrex DK3 + more 

If you would like one of our Avaya or Hybrex phones or you are unsure which type of office handset would be best for your business, contact ATS Telecoms on 1300 138 287 or email the ATS Sales team.