NBN Phone Systems Sydney

With the introduction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) into Australia, you may have wondered if your business needs to invest in NBN phone systems. You will be happy to know that NBN phone systems are in fact the same as a VOIP phone system, so if you upgraded to a VOIP phone system recently, you won’t need to do a thing! But for those of you that have not yet upgraded to a VOIP phone system or thinking of investing in NBN phone systems, here is some more information to help explain what it is and the benefit:

In relatively recent times, a new technology known as Voice over IP (VoIP) has been introduced and is progressively becoming an important part of telecommunications. Using this new technology, regular voice calls are sent over a computer network as opposed to the previous use of traditional phone lines. In its simplest form, a VoIP phone system requires a regular phone, an adapter, broadband Internet service, and a subscription to a VoIP service. When you place a call, it is sent over the Internet as data until it nears the recipient’s destination. Then the call is translated back into a more traditional format and completes the trip over standard phone lines.

The primary reason that NBN Phone Systems (also known as Internet telephony) has become extremely popular and enticing it because it allows for extremely cheap long-distance and international calls so businesses with a VoIP phone system have the capabilities to provide significant cost savings and other benefits.

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