GN Netcom – Jabra Bluetooth Headsets

Whilst the Company GN Netcom is primarily known as a producer of business headsets and Jabra for their expertise in consumer retail headsets, the two companies have come together to launch two new business headsets under the Jabra brand.

So introducing you to the Jabra BT5010 and the Jabra BT5020! These headsets work with the Bluetooth functionality of your desk and mobile phone. The headset earpieces can operate using two different mobile phones ie: one business and one personal mobile phone. With a simple press of a button on the earpiece you can answer calls without having to reach for a mobile handset.The Jabra 5010 and 5020 models listed here come supplied with the Jabra A7010 Hub (Bluetooth enabler for deskphones).

Jabra BT5010 More voice – Less noise 




Jabra designed the BT5010 with an added feature of a sliding boom arm, enabling  the microphone to be bought closer to the speaker, which improves the overall sound quality, so that your conversation can clearly heard through a more clearly delivered sound. Due to BT5010’s sliding boom, business calls will never be interrupted by loud sounds from your surroundings. Features:

  • Talk time: 10 hours
  • Standby time: 300 Hours
  • Charging from PC via USB cable
  • Sliding boom arm allows you to answer and end calls and powered with wind noise reduction technology assuring optimal voice pick-up no matter the conditions
  • Vibrating and visual alert allows you to stay in contact even in quiet mode
  • Supports Bluetooth 2.0 headset and hands-free profiles
  • Multipoint, enabling connection, for instance with both your landline and mobile phone
  • Compatible with Jabra A7010 Bluetooth Hub for additional desk phone connection

Please Click Here to Download The Jabra BT5010 Datasheet

Jabra BT5020 – Extreme comfort Exquisite style


The BT5020 headset is specially designed for every day use where the user needs to stay in close contact with colleagues and other business contacts  during the working day. The user can make calls for about 10 hours with a standby time of this headset of about 250 hours. The Jabra BT5020 can be used with two mobile phones or PDA’s using the one earpiece and you can receive an incoming call notification by either a vibrating alarm or LED light. Features:

  • Talk time: 10 hours
  • Standby time: 300 Hours
  • Designed for ultimate discretion
  • Bluetooth 2.0 enabled for bluetooth headsets and hands-free profiles
  • MultiPoint™,enabling connection to for instance both your landline and mobile phone
  • Excellent sound quality and easy operation
  • Small, lightand comfortable – Can be worn on either ear.
  • Compatible with Jabra A7010 Bluetooth Hub for additional desk phone connection

Please Click Here to Download The Jabra BT5020 Datasheet

Jabra A7010 Bluetooth Hub – Stay connected without being plugged in

Jabra A7010 Bluetooth Hub



The Jabra A7010 Bluetooth hub is compatible with most standard corded desk phones,  analogue, digital, PBX and IP. Simply connect your desk phone to the Bluetooth hub and the Bluetooth hub to your landline and or mobile phone and you will be up and running, experiencing great sound through digital sound enhancement technology, (DSP).

The Jabra A7010 Bluetooth hub works with all Jabra Multiuse headsets, so when you upgrade to a new headset you can continue to use the same hub and enjoy the Bluetooth range of up to 10 metres.

If you would like one of our above models, like to order a different one in or are unsure which type of headset would be best for your business, please contact ATS on 1300 138 287 or email the ATS Sales team.