Top 9 benefits of VOIP

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and enables you to make calls over your existing broadband line and its popularity is growing at a significant rate!

Top 9 benefits of VOIP for businesses include:

  • Low set up costs. VOIP systems are significantly cheaper than traditional systems
  • Low installation and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Make free calls between your sites (on net calls)
  • Fully and easily expandable, ideal when your business expands or new employees join
  • If you need to relocate you can take your phone numbers with you, so no need to update stationary, websites, signage, etc
  • Using your mobile, computer or tablet to make and receive calls (network dependent) which will increase employee productivity
  • If you go abroad, you can either take a VoIP phone with you or use your mobile, computer or tablet, so you never miss a call
  • The system can be set up to divert calls anywhere
  • VOIP based phone systems offer small and medium sized businesses features once available only to larger companies



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