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Advanced Telecommunication Systems is a Telstra Dealer

Handsets by Hybrex, Avaya, Alcatel, Doro, Niksuko & more

Advanced Telecommunication Systems

Service Rates:

We charge our customers in half-hour blocks (rather than the hour blocks other companies do), and include half an hour of labour in the initial call-out fee.

$195.00 per first half hour (excl. GST) - this includes the call-out fee and the first half-hour of labour charges.

$75.00 per each half hour after that (excl. GST)

These fees are a labour rate per technician.

Materials and parking are additional costs.

For further information please contact ATS on 1300 138 287 or email the ATS Sales team.

At Advanced Telecommunication Systems we can provide you with the best prices on It and telephony equipment, manage your voice data and electrical cabling needs and provide full installation, training and maintenance.
Please note that pricing and availability on listed products are subject to change.