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We stock major brand name office handsets to suit your specific requirements. Choose from new or refurbished, according to your budget and we can deliver and/or send the phones to you, help with installation and/or phone plans. Office phones we stock include:


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  • Avaya
  • Snom
  • Yealink
  • Hybrex
  • Plantronics

Avaya-9611GView our range of office phones.


Headsets are a must for busy people and busy workplaces. ATS stocks a wide range of headsets, amplifiers and wireless Bluetooth units. Our range of headsets includes products from:

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  • Plantronics
  • Jabra / GN Netcom
  • Polaris

Plantronics_Encore_Polaris_P91N_Headset Small  View our range of headsets.

Voice Conferencing Units

ATS provides conferencing units to make group calls simpler and easier to manage.

polycom_soundstation_basic    View our range of voice conferencing units.

Office Phone Systems (PABX)

We stock major brand name business telephone PABX and key systems to suit your specific requirements. These systems are easy to use and incorporate the latest in telephone system technology.

Avaya-IP_500    View our range of office PABX systems. 

VOIP Phone Plans

ATS offers a range of cost-effective hosted telephone plans and VOIP-enabled business packages.
VOIPView our VOIP phone plans

Which office phone system is right for my business?

With so many options to choose from these days from IP, to hybrid, to hosted and used phone systems, many business owners are confused about what phone system would best suit them. However, because of the overlap in technology between all the different options, this question isn’t as straight-forward as one would hope for.

For example, we have customers that want VOIP but also like the idea of having the physical phone system in their office (a hybrid system or IP PBX system). However, we have some business owners that want to keep their traditional phone lines but still have all the features on offer (also hybrid and IP). Whereas others really embrace IP technology and wish to roll out a fully secure hosted solution.

So to help guide you through this decision, why not get a quick quote from our friendly ATS team and they can explain the different options and what the real life implications are for your business.

NBN Phone Systems

With the introduction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) into Australia, you may have wondered if your business needs to invest in NBN phone systems. You will be happy to know that NBN phone systems are in fact the same as a VOIP phone system, so if you upgraded to a VOIP phone system recently, you won’t need to do a thing! But for those of you that have not yet upgraded to a VOIP phone system or thinking of investing in NBN phone systems, here is some more information to help explain what it is and the benefit. Read more

VOIP Phone System

In relatively recent times, a new technology known as Voice over IP (VOIP) has been introduced and is progressively becoming an important part of telecommunications. Using this new technology, regular voice calls are sent over a computer network as opposed to the previous use of traditional phone lines. The primary reason that a VOIP phone system (also known as Internet telephony) has become extremely popular and enticing it because it allows for extremely cheap long-distance and international calls so businesses with a VoIP phone system have the capabilities to provide significant cost savings and other benefits. Read more

For any advice or help to order the best VOIP phone system for your business, please contact the ATS team.

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