North Shore can access fast internet without the NBN

North Shore businesses can access fast internet speeds without waiting for the NBN

Whilst the government plan is to rollout NBN region-by-region, many people are feeling frustrated as they are told that they still can’t access the National Broadband Network. So a local player in the broadband market, ATS Telecoms aims to help businesses in the North Shore to enjoy a better communications experience, retain their competitive advantage and help them remain more connected for decades to come.

Based in Artarmon and in the North Shore for the last 25 years, ATS Telecoms Director, Farzad said ‘providing alternative broadband solutions is vital for North Shore businesses as I speak to many business owners who are so disappointed in the rollout because work hasn’t even started in their area, which means it will be years before they can access the NBN.”

By looking at NBN alternatives, businesses can access incredibly fast speeds, without requiring an NBN connection to their building or even in their suburb. ATS Telecoms uses a mix of fiber optic cable technology to provide speeds of up to 1Gbps (with most businesses opting for upload and download speeds of 100Mbps synchronous) far surpassing what’s currently on offer from the NBN and dozens of times faster than ADSL2+.

The primary reason why Australian’s have been overpaying for their internet and at slow, limited connection speeds is Telstra’s monopoly owning most of the telco infrastructure. ATS Telecoms is working with other fiber providers to provide a more flexible and affordable alternative to the NBN.

“This means our local North Shore businesses will be accessing faster and cheaper unlimited data internet than ever before and they won’t have to wait years for the NBN to arrive. Being local also means business owners will always stay assured that if anything should go wrong, they know a qualified engineer is only a phone call away, without being put on hold for hours & hours.”


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