NBN for small business – will it save you?

Making the switch to the national broadband network (NBN) for small business owners appears to be a scary thing. Many fear that their small business will be left without internet access or connection delays and then on top of that the additional costs that maybe involved to setup the NBN. But Adam Courtenay from the SMH interviewed 2 small businesses on their thoughts on the NBN rollout:

Paul McKernan who runs the Carlton franchise of Bridgestone Tyres in Victoria, says not only has it saved him time but simplified his workspace. No more multiple fixed telephone and eftpos lines (they’re all covered in the one NBN modem), and no more back-to-base alarm line (also covered). Speeds and efficiency are all enhanced. McKernan says his entire business has been streamlined at virtually no extra cost.

Nick Oxley an experienced computer programmer who runs the Goldfish Bowl bakery-café  in Armidale, NSW, reports much the same. “All the data I need from the shop – no matter the size of the load – is instantly available from the cloud to all my computers and mobile devices. It’s leagues faster. I’ve not had a drop-out in the 18 months since I was connected. I never wait for anything.”

With the majority of small and medium businesses now running basic applications such as email, web hosting and storage, they have begun to understand the importance of the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout in its effort to increase their internet speed and efficiency and thus improve their productivity.

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