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Managed Solution

A Managed Solution is designed for businesses with limited IT resources and those wanting to leave their telephony headaches and hassles to a team of experts at ATS Telecoms who will take care of your phone system management and maintenance. ATS Telecoms will provide personalised tech support to make your job easy and if something goes wrong you only make 1 phone call and one of our friendly, trained engineers will take care of the rest! Which means you can continue to concentrate on your own work, whilst having the peace of mind an engineer is taking care of it for you!

Alternatively if you have I.T. staff that can help manage your phone and internet, then you may like to look a DIY-type Hosted Solution.

Managed Solution v.s. Hosted Solution – which is the right fit for me?

Why choose a Managed Solution with ATS Telecoms?
By partnering with ATS Telecoms, you will acquire an abundance of benefits from many of the top level plans offered by our competitors, but at no extra cost:

Quality, reliable calls and data
ATS Telecoms will host your phone system on their server so you don’t need any phone hardware onsite and you always get clear, highly reliable calls and data
Phone management
You want to save time and have your entire phone system conveniently managed by expert technicians, allowing you more time to focus on your business
Capacity and network planning
Have comfort knowing ATS Telecoms has 25 years of trusted experience and knowledge to help your business grow and cope with changing economic conditions
Best in class phone system and service
You want a phone system that is more cost effective and has all the advanced features of a traditional high-end PABX such as 3-way calling, call forwarding or the benefit of one main phone number even if you have multiple/interstate offices
Customer helpdesk and fault management
Troubleshooting is conducted remotely, eliminating the time typically involved in service calls. When an issue arises, you only need to make 1 phone call and have it resolved generally within 24 hours and at no extra cost
Moves, adds and changes
You want to save time and have your entire phone system conveniently managed by expert technicians, allowing you more time to focus on your business


Call information management
Our billing system will provide you with a comprehensive amount of information about your incoming and outgoing calls
System backups
Regular backups of your programming information ensures you have the peace of mind in the event something happens and information is not lost
Preventative maintenance and PBX upgrades
ATS Telecoms will conduct proactive software  and firmware upgrades and maintenance checks on your phone system
Replacement parts^
ATS Telecoms will provide phone system replacements and/or parts, should things get broken during the term of your contract


Management of third party providers^
ATS Telecoms can work with current third party providers so you continue to only have one point of contact plus eliminate your time and hassle of calling each individual provider
Planned on-site assistance*
If your business is planning a major configuration change we can provide our 25 years of expertise and experience on-site


Contact centre management*
We can provide an end to end management solution if you are running a contact centre around various requirements such as increasing demand or investment performance

^ Feature is included free with a Managed Solution
* Feature is an optional value-add that is available at an additional cost

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