Internet backup solution for your business

Internet Backup Solution with ATS TelecomsAre you worried about losing precious business and $$ if there was an internet outage? ATS has your internet backup solution.

Wide area network (WAN) outages are simply a fact of life for many companies, whether they are caused by natural disasters or ancient and unreliable copper networks. So an internet backup plan is critical!

Here at ATS Telecoms we can help you with a fast and easy solution – using a mobile broadband dongle (ATS-supplied) into your router (ATS-supplied) – and eliminate your worries! The dongle is just like a Telstra, Optus or Vodafone wireless broadband dongle where you can ‘plug & play’ it into your device, so regardless if there was an internet outage with your provider, your internet will keep running and your business will continue to operate! It’s that easy and stress-free!

And to help you even more, we currently have a special offer for this internet backup solution, so contact our ATS team.

Internet Backup Solution